7 June 2014

Make an Android Application with a simple Eclipse ? (Part 1)

You can make a android app without an adt ! How
Eclipse can be binded with sdk to form adt .

Step 1 : Download Eclipse Standard version (Kepler) from Mac OS / Windows / Linux .
download eclipse

Note : Compare the bit version of your download and your machine .

Step 2 : You will Find a folder named eclipse in your Downloads folder . Copy the folder to your main HardDrive (i.e. Macintosh HD for Mac , C:/ for Windows , Home FS for Linux) .

 Open the folder and click on eclipse.exe and then select the workspace (folder to save the project) .

Step 3 : Let the eclipse open now .......

Download the adt plugin for Eclipse  by visiting here .
You will see the below page .
Copy the circled link on the page 
copy it from here ( https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/ ) without brackets .
download adt

Step 4 : Open the Eclipse and cancel the Welcome page .(Click cancel icon on left corner)
Click on Help ->  Install New Software..
install new software

Step 5 : A dialog box will appear .
  1. Paste the previously copied link in the circled box 1
  2. Click Add .
  3. A dialog box will appear. Give the name to the plugin ( like : android adt) .
  4. Click OK .
add OK

Step 6 : A pending message will occur (Wait for few seconds)
Just tick Developer Tools and Click Next .(Ignore NDK tools)
developer tools

Step 7 : Check for the five libraries given below if they are present and Click Next .
  1. Android DDMS.
  2. Android Development Tools
  3. Android Hierarchy Viewer .
  4. Android Traceview .
  5. Tracer for open G LES
choose all

Step 8 : Accept the license agreement for all four options and click Next .
license aggrement

Step 9 :Let the plugins install by their own .
                         installing plugins

Next Step will be shown in the next post....Please stay Tuned with Made In Android .

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