5 June 2014

Programming concepts required for Android

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The base of Android XML and Java.
Backend :

  •  Backend refers to the actual logic behind the code. Like What will happen if a button is pressed? What will happen when the download is complete? These all things are controlled by coding the backend.
  • Basically, Java is the backend of android application. You can use C++ or C also as backend but there are mostly used to develop games.
  • If you do not have knowledge of Java you can visit TutorialsPoint and get the basic idea which is sufficient.

Frontend :

  • Forntend refers to the coe used to make the GUI of the application. How will thge button appear? What will be the backgroud color of the page in our application? These tasks are handled by the fronend.
  • Basically XML is used as frontend in android apps. You can also use HTML or CSS as frontend in a cordova application 
  • No need to worry about XML. You can learn it synchronously with Android.

System Requirements :
Operating System : Windows XP / Mac OS 10.5.8 / Linux Ubuntu
RAM : minimum 1GB .
HardDisk : minimum 100GB .
Bit : minimum 32 bit (64 bit preferred) .

Softwares Required :
adt bundle : Download for all versions (Click here) .
Java 1.6 : Download for all versions (Click here) .
If you have Eclipse previously in your machine download sdk bundle and merge it with your Eclipse (Click here) .

Note : Always check your proccesor bit while downloading the software .

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