3 June 2014

Explanation of Architecture of Android

The most important thing is, Android is not a software and also not a Hardware
Then what is it ?
It is a Middle ware (glue between hardware and software) .

Android Architecture is divided into 4 Layers:
android architecture
Android Architecture

Layer 1 - Linux Kernel
What is a Kernel ?
  • A link of communication between Hardware and Software.
  • Memory Management.
  • I/O management.
  • Android communicates with the hardware and software using the Linux Kerne.
  • Its uses Linux kernel version 2.3.
Layer 2 - Libraries & Android Run time

  • Contains varoius drivers, classes needed by the Android API.
  • Some libraries are SQLLite (database), SSL (Internet Security).
Android Runtime

  • It contains DVM(Dalvik Virtaul machine).
  • DVM functions like that of JVM for Java .
  • It helps android to run its self processes without depending on systerm capabilities.
  • DVM also contains some libraries for Android .

Layer 3 - Application Framework

  • It provides ease to develop application for Android developers.
  • It gives an abstract layer of coding over the complex functionality of machine. 
those who are aware with .NET Framework will understand better .
Layer 4 - Applications
  • All applications are found on this layer.
  • Applications can be: System Apps or Downloaded Apps
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