2 October 2014

Run app in your mobile directly from Eclipse

You may get bored of the emulator often due to its long time processing.. Why bare it ?
You can run the app you developed directly in your android mobile .

What you need ?
  • A Phone(Android Smartphone)
  • A USB Cable
  • USB Driver of your mobile (Download it from manufacturer's site)
Step 1 : Connect your phone to the pc using the USB Cable.

Note that your USB Debugging option from Settings-> Applications->Development must be ON .
Note : For Android 5 (Lollipop)

  • Go to About phone->Tap on Build version 5 times.
  • A message will appear "You are a developer". 
  • Press Back
  • Go to Developer Options. Check USB Debugging

Step 2 : Start your ADT bundle and have your application ready to be Run .(Don't press the Run button).

Step 3 : Install the USB Driver of your Android phone. Check this video.

Step 4: Check your AndroidManifest.xml File for the Debuggable Option from the Application Tag .
and make it to true (true by default).

Step 5 : Click on the DDMS option on the above-right corner of eclipse besides Java and check the devices tab to see if your phone appears in it .

Step 6 : Click on Run option in the toolbar and select Run Configurations .

Step 7 : Select the Target Tab and select to Launch on all compatible devices/AVDs .

The app will directly run on your phone .
Choose your mobile phone from list of running devices.

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