26 November 2014

The BlueStacks Android mobile emulator

Here we will get to know about using the BlueStacks Emulator.

Step 1 : Download the Bluestacks emulator by following the video below :

Step 2 : You can run your apk of your own project directly from the Bluestacks emulator. Go to the folder where the apk is stored.

Lets run the project we had made in our previous post "Make A Spinner or a drop-down list"and go to the link in the pic below. Then double-click the .apk file with BlueStacks logo.

bluestacks run

Step 3 : The app will be directly installed on bluestacks . Click on My Apps and then on the app you installed (SpinnerDemo).
inside bluestacks

Step 4 : The App in running state.
running app
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