1 May 2015

Decompiling Android apk file to java and XML Step by Step (Part-2)

In the previous post we learned to decompile Java Files from the apk. Now we will continue further and extract xml and all other resources from the apk (SoundDemo.apk)

Step 1 : We stored the extracted java files in Decompiled soundDemo folder. Now Copy SoundDemo.apk and framework-res.apk in apktool->apktool folder.

Step 2 : Open Command Prompt and type the command below.
1) cd pathtoapktoolfolder
2) apktool if framework-res.apk
3) apktool d "pathtoapktoolfolder/SoundDemo.apk"
Replace pathtoapktoolfolder with path to apktool folder for your computer.
command line

Step 3 : A folder SoundDemo will be formed in apktool->apktool folder. All the extracted contents will be in that folder. Copy all contents of SoundDemo folder in Decompiled SoundDemo folder.
tools decompile

Step 4 : Delete the smali folder and here you get all the decompiled contents of SoundDemo.apk file in Decompiled SoundDemo folder
smali folder

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