17 May 2015

Create First Android App in Android Studio

You must have installed Android Studio by following the steps from the previous post. Now its time to create our First Application i.e. displaying "Hello World".

Step 1 : Open Android Studio. Select Theme.
open android studio

Step 2 : Click Next and the SDK Tools will be downloaded.
sdk download
Step 3 : Click Next. Select New Android Project.
create project

Step 4 : Give name and package name to your application. Click Next.
app name

Step 5 : Select Phone and Tablet and choose minimum support version of android for your application.Click Next.
select phone

Step 6 : Select Blank Activity. Click Next

Step 7 : Select Name of your Activity and click Finish.
activity name

Step 8 : If the creating application window occurs again. hen Click Create New Android Application, it will directly create the same application , no need to worry.

Step 9 : The window is opened. Click on 1:Project on the left side toolbar. The app structure will be shown in Project Explorer.Now it is same as ADT with Eclipse.The activity_main will be opened followed by MainActivity.java
mainactivty java

Step 10 : Run the Project by clicking arrow above. Select the emulator device and Run It.
android device
At first App won't run since you did not install the drivers required to run the emulator.
To install the drivers click here.

Step 11 : Emulator will be started and Hello World will be displayed.
emulator start

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