8 May 2015

Installing Android Studio on Windows

What is Android Studio ?
-> Android studio is a platform used to develop android applications. Previously, Eclipse with ADT was used to develop android apps, but google has now developed its own framework. Since there is a shift from Android v2 to Android v4 onwards, Android Studio is available to develop apps for Mobile phones having Android v4 onwards.

Steps to Install Android Studio on Windows OS :

Step 1 : Go to
and download Android Studio by clicking on Download Android Studio button.
download android studio
Step 2 : Accept the license agreement and click download
download link android studio
Step 3 : The .exe file will be downloaded. Click on it and setup will be started. Click on Next.
setup as

Step 4 : Check all the options as shown below and click Next.
setup 2

Step 5 : Click on I Agree
i agree

Step 6 : Choose location for Android Studio and Android SDK Installation
location sdk

Step 7 : Choose RAM allocation to start Android Studio. Use Recommended 512MB
memory need

Step 8 : Check if you want to create shortcut. Click on Install.
install 1

Step 9 : Click Finish.
finish setup

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