26 May 2015

Why Eclipse with ADT? Why Android Studio?

Why To ?
Why to use Eclipse with ADT ?
Ans : 
  1. Eclipse with ADT was made as the first tool to develop Android Applications.
  2. Easy GUI (Eclipse based).
  3. The coding resources available on the net are mostly based on Eclipse with ADT.
  4. Most of the bugs in Eclipse are cleared till now due to advancement and research.
  5. It allows for development of applications for Android Devices of v1 to the latest version available.
  6. ADT works with less RAM and works smoothly when the PC is previously loaded with other heavy softwares. (Again the upgrades matter)
  7. Easily Upgradable
Why to use Android Studio ?
Ans :
  1. Android Studio is the new framework for Android Development.
  2. It is easy to install.
  3. The size of Android Studio is less as compared to ADT.
  4. We can develop applications for Maps, Android Wear etc. directly without external library requirements.

Why Not To ?
Why not to use Eclipse with ADT ?
Ans :
  1. External libraries needed for Maps, Navigation Drawer etc.
  2. Large Size (Latest ADT with Eclipse available now is of 34GB).
Why not to use Android Studio ?
Ans :
  1. Start Time required is more comparatively.
  2. Pressurizes RAM. (Decreased performance in less RAM).
  3. Not enough resources available for learning till now.

Conclusion : 

  1. The type of applications to be developed decides which framework would be best used. 
  2. If the application is of higher functionality Android Studio can be used, otherwise Eclipse with ADT would be a better option.
  3. For First time development it is recommended to start with Eclipse ADT and later switch on to Android Studio.
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