26 August 2015

Add phonegap (cordova) Applaud plugin for android to eclipse adt

You do not have to write commands to make your phonegap (cordova) application, you can use this plugin to directly create your phonegap application with a single click.

What we will do?
-> We will install Applaud plugin in eclipse so that you can create your phonegap application with just a click.

What we need?
  • Eclipse with ADT
  • Internet connection
  • Emulator of API 12 or above
Step 1 : Start your Eclipse. Go to Help->Install New Software from the menu-bar.
help installnewsoftware

Step 2 : Click on Add. Give Name as MDS Applaud and Location as shown below.

Then click OK.
Applaud name and location

Step 3 : Tick on MDS Applaud and press Next.
mds next

Step 4 : Click Next

Step 5 : Click on "I Agree.." and click Finish.
agree finish

Step 6 : Check the progress in the Progress Bar. Then Restart Eclipse.
install progress
After restarting eclipse you will see the plugin on the toolbar.
applaud plugin

Stay Tuned with Made In Android

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